Fabulous Finds: Kitty Sweatshirt 1

Found this purrrific gem at the Young Designers’ Market on 14th St last weekend! The detailed cat fabric caught my eye, and as I spoke with the designer, Alexander Campaz, a Brooklyn-based artist, I knew I had to have this adorable sweatshirt. New Yorkers have complimented me on the unique garment, many asking if it’s a Campaz piece, making me happy to own a part of the NYC art scene. Campaz only had a few yards of this fabric but his other designs are also trendy, and I have a feeling I’ll be purchasing more from him soon…

Risking the title of Cat Lady in my neighborhood, I’ve somehow found a way to pair Campaz’s masterpiece into far too many outfits in the past few days. Put a Cat on it!  

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