Dogs in Paris are much better behaved than American dogs. (Cory, are you reading this?)  It’s actually unbelievable.  I say this, because I see dogs doing things, and I don’t believe what I’m seeing. So many dogs walk around off-leash, strutting in front of their owners like they own Paris.  […]

Les Petites Chiens

I’ve survived the greatest fear of my generation: losing an iPhone. Wednesday marked my first day of disenchantment with Paris. I woke up early to walk to Starbucks to catch up on work. The petite dejuneur at a Parisian Starbucks offers fresh squeezed orange juice, an espresso beverage of choice, […]

Paris I love ...

When I think of Paris I think of wine and cheese and art.  My program welcomed us on Saturday afternoon in the best possible way: with all three of these, plus Orangina, which I will never turn down. I headed to Reid Hall aka Columbia Global Centers Europe where I […]

An American Girl ...

Somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving I decided that it was absolutely imperative that I purchase a Bedazzler.  Immediately.  Perhaps it was the leftover glittery enthusiasm of my Toddlers & Tiaras costume or maybe the impending gloom of winter inspired me to add a little extra bling to my life. For […]

Put a Bedazzler ...