Doing one thing at a time is a thing of the past. (Am I blogging or texting or listening to music or socializing now?  I don’t even know.) Whether you’re on the subway, watching TV, on the phone with grandma or perhaps at work (gasp!) it’s important to be multitasking […]

Things to Do ...

I feel like I’m always writing about time.  Whenever I’m inspired, compelled to scribble something in my notebook, it’s about time and change and all the inevitable seconds and years and decades that pass while I continue to just live my life. I jot down notes when a song in […]

Growing Up and ...

I grew up in a bubble.  A bubble with perfectly manicured lawns, perfectly manicured women (and men and children), and more seemingly perfect people than you would ever expect to meet.  But perfect is a pretty relative term. In Highland Park (Chai-land Park as it is referred to by haters […]