The Perfect Purse

I’m often made fun of for carrying what some may kindly refer to as a “grandma bag.”  However, if you stub your toe, smudge your mascara, or just need a little something fun, guess who’s going to be the first person you turn to?

I usually carry my Longchamp tote, which is big enough to fit everything I need yet stylish enough to not look like I’m lugging an oversized duffle uptown and downtown and back again.  (I’ve also heard from some childless friends that a diaper bag makes an excellent purse/laptop bag.  I’m too scared to venture down that path just yet, but I’m sure it would do wonders for my handbag organization. Just think of all the things you could fit in a stroller.)

While the contents of my purse is customized to each daily activity, there are a few items I will not leave the house without. Perhaps it’s the Girlscouts who reminded me to always be prepared, but having the correct contents in my bag before I leave the house is essential to starting any day!

For those who aspire to pack the perfect purse, I will list my suggestions here:

  • Keys and key chain with bottle opener and library card
  • 1 pack cinnamon gum
  • 1 tin rosebud lip balm
  • Headphones
  • 3 pens
  • Sunglasses
  • Contact case with solution in it
  • 1 Chanel lipstick pallet (with brushes)
  • 1 pack oil absorbing wipes
  • 2 packets of Advil (I used to only carry 1 because it has two pills but then I realized that I would avoid using it when I needed it, fearing I would run out if I needed more later on.  Now I always have a back-up!)
  • 2 snacks.  Same rationale as the Advil, but I usually go with one sweet and one salty.  An avocado is versatile.
  • 2 OB tampons (they’re super small!  Is it a candy bar? What?)
  • A bottle/cup. You may get thirsty.  You also may not want to pay for things.
  • Phone charger
  • Face powder
  • Reading material.  This is most important.  But I’m only travelling five minutes you may think.  Wrong.  You may get stuck in the subway for hours.  You may be early to wherever you’re going and have some lonely downtime.  You may wait in line forever.  You may get bored even if you’re just walking to the mailbox.  You may want a conversation piece.  You get it, bring words on a page, it’s beter than staring into space. (I usually carry my Kindle and a magazine or book, but I’m just paranoid like that).
  • And, of course, in every purse travels a handy makeup bag.  Aside from mascara, eyeliner, concealer, and blush, make sure to pack hairbands, bobby pins, an extra earring back, and some floss.

She probably carries a well-stocked purse…

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