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As a Jewish New Yorker, I’ve had my fair share of bagels:  toasted, rainbow, lox and shmear: you name it, I’ve devoured it.  Whether consumed before an avid study session or after a late night out in the city, it’s pretty hard to beat a New York bagel.

Enter Bagelsmith:  The tastiest, happiest Bagel shop in town (if you count Williamsburg, Brooklyn as town, which I do).  Originally discovered as a place to satisfy my late night munchies with a few equally hungry friends, this bagel shop right off of the L train at Lorimer lives me thrilled each and every visit.

As this isn’t an Inside New York review, I’ll keep this post quick and simple:  Bagelsmith is the best! It’s open 24 hours, the staff always willing to entertain your jokes, no matter what hour of the night or what state of conciousness you may be in, and you’re sure to meet equally enthused Williamsburg bar hoppers while waiting for your delicious sandwich.  The dance music in the restaurant and it’s proximity to Metropolitan isn’t bad either…

Hence, the reason for this post.  I brought a new crew to Bagelsmith last night, and was thrilled that they copied my perfect sandwich, which I’ll share here with reasons of generosity and wanting to improve the world:

Sesame bagel toasted with an egg, swiss cheese, tomato, avocado, and sprouts.  $4.00 (plus or minus some change)  Yeah, it’s kind of amazing.

Enjoying the epic Bagelsmith sandwich at 2:30am.

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