Put a Bedazzler on It!

Somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving I decided that it was absolutely imperative that I purchase a Bedazzler.  Immediately.  Perhaps it was the leftover glittery enthusiasm of my Toddlers & Tiaras costume or maybe the impending gloom of winter inspired me to add a little extra bling to my life. For less than $20, I purchased the absolute best tool I could ever imagine, adding glamorous sparkle and unique flare to my favorite clothing and accessories.

Rainbow Bedazzled Vans

As my Bedazzling hobby has melded into almost a Bedazzling obsession. I find myself  aggressively pushing through racks at Beacon’s Closet, determined to find the best clothes and accessories to cover in cheap rhinestones and studs.  I’ve realized that it’s not all about the glitz and glamour that my Bedazzler provides to my wardrobe, but my love for the 1980s gadget stems from something else entirely:  individuality.

I won’t deny that I’m kind of a hipster, that I’ve lived to be alternative ever since I attended kindergarten with a head full of hair twisted into tiny braids dangling with chunky pink and silver beads. As my middle school teachers informed me, I’m not afraid to start trends: I put a bird on it long before Fred & Carrie told us to. Yes, my closet is overflowing with years of collected sequin parrot shirts and printed sparrow tanks. However, as much as I hesitate to say, I’m also a little bit of a huge trend follower.

Bedazzled my Strand dogs!

Yes, I’ll admit to the rainbow of Juicy Couture sweatsuits elegantly stuffed in my closet.  Of course I have a pair of Vans, Sperrys, Uggs, Toms, and Rainbow sandals– everyone has them, they look the same, but they’re comfortable and stylish, so I’m not giving them up.  My American Apparel hoodies are softer and more colorful than any others I could own, and my North Face jacket is comfier and warmer than any vintage off-brand jacket I could find.  (Ok, I haven’t looked hard, I’m a firm believer in the Cult of North Face.  Plus, it make you look like an adventurer!). I own far too many mass produced tops from Urban Outfitters and I mesh with the crowds in Union Square carrying my Strand bag through the Greenmarket.

Whatever, Urban Outfitters. I'll make your sweatshirts better any day.

Though I do realize the Bedazzler isn’t for everyone, I’ve found it to be my number one tool in my quest for individuality! My hair feathers are fabulous, of course, but I absolutely love adding my own bling to my wardrobe. I can move beyond my sequin shorts and glittery Toms and make my life sparkle! I can shop at my H&M  and bedazzle it to! Yes, I’ve had a lot of caffeine (In my Bedazzled travel mug!) today…

A Mason jar has never looked so glamorous!

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